A meet is just a test.

A meet is just a test.

A meet is just a test.

A meet is just a test.

Meet day can become stressful in a hurry. You put everything you had into your training. You prepped the best you knew how. All the boxes were checked. All of that comes down to 1 day, 9 attempts.

How do you manage that sort of self inflicted (and yes, it is ALL self inflicted), pressure? How do you navigate all of this properly to have the perfect showing?

Simple, you wrap your head around the idea that a meet, is just a test. ALL a meet shows us is if our training worked how we thought it would. If you shift from thinking meet day is the biggest day of your lifting career, to it just being an assessment of your training, it becomes much easier to manage.

Listen, you aren’t going to stop training. The results of the meet are inconsequential in that regard. So just go and lift weights. Have fun seeing if what you did in training was enough. Or too much. When something has the emotion taken from it, it becomes more simple to perform at your highest level. Turn into a test subject for your own experiment, and go execute.

Good, bad, or anything in the middle, evaluate how your day went. Adjust your upcoming training to reflect what you need to improve on.

Rinse… repeat.


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