It's called "buy in"

It's called "buy in"

It's called "buy in"

And it's more important than most things.

Obviously, there are bad coaches and bad programming and/or training. Just the stuff that makes ZERO sense… let’s forget about that for a second (even though this idea works with that stuff as well sometimes)…

If you fully buy in on a method, a coach, an idea, or a training style, you will likely be successful. If you are fully bought in, you will check all of the boxes outside of the gym, because you believe, and want it to work.

This is how a lot of groups get very strong. They are all fully committed to whatever they are doing so as a unit, they grow and get better.

Treat your training this way. FULLY believe in it. Trust it. Dive head first. You won’t ever regret being 100 percent bought in with what you are doing and a guarantee you will see far better results this way.

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