Should You Take (another) PR?

Should You Take (another) PR?


Should You Take (another) PR?

Everyone wants to PR. It's what the majority of people focus on because it feels the best to PR. There's just nothing that compares to putting more weight on the bar than you did in the past.



#1 Let's say you just hit a PR. Now you're face with the decision of whether to go for a second PR.

#2 You take your last warmup weight, and you're faced with whether or not you should go for a PR.



If I have to look at the people in my group to see if I should take another weight, I SHUT IT DOWN

On the other side, if I'm looking at the people in my group and saying, "What should I take?", then I'm already convinced I'm taking another weight. The question is what weight to take. If I'm saying dime-five in my head and they say quarter, I'm taking the dime-five.

Why do I do this? Because no one knows what I'm feeling. Figuring out when to pull that trigger is super important.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have to ask someone if you should, you shouldn't. If you're second-guessing, you're done.

If you know you're done, shift your focus to crushing the accessory movements. Going for a second PR or a PR you have no business taking is the dumbest thing you can do.

Think big picture when it comes to your training.

Where are you in the training season? Are you going into a meet? Coming off a meet? All of these things play a part.

I hope this helps give you an umbrella of structure to work from when you're trying to figure out if you want to swing for a first or second PR.



Should you take another PR?

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