The Small Pond

The Small Pond

The Small Pond

The small pond.

You know the guys... The guys that want to be the biggest dude in the room. The ones that intentionally get around smaller, weaker lifters and stay there. You've met this type of person before.

They are destined to talk about what they used to do, who they used to beat, and what they could have done if they didn’t have X, Y, and Z happen.

Don’t be that person. Be the humble person, be the person that wants to get around folks that are better than them. Be the person that realizes that you have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason… to listen twice as much as you talk.

Just by standing next to those that have more experience and helping and/or listening, you will get better. Watching how they act, how they train, and how they approach speed bumps can show you the path to a higher level of progress and ability.

It will always be easy to be the biggest fish in the small pond. It will always be easy to not be challenged. However, I know I didn’t get into this for it to be easy. Did you?



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