Why Are You Changing Your Training?

Why Are You Changing Your Training?

Why Are You Changing Your Training?

Let’s start here, and it’s a very simple question. Or at least it should be… Why are changing your training? If you don’t immediately have an answer, that makes sense, you are likely changing stuff for the wrong reasons.

Before you alter anything in your training, do you actually have a good grasp on what you are currently doing? Have you been keeping records? And are you doing all the things outside of the gym to set yourself up for success inside the gym? If the answer is yes to all of these, we can start talking about changing or substituting aspect of your training.

No matter what your knee jerk reaction may be to immediately change things after a bad session, cycle, or meet, you have to be non-emotional. You have to give yourself the chance to be successful by staying the course. It’s gotten you this far right?

If you have checked all the appropriate boxes and are going to adjust your training, it HAS to be one element at a time. If you throw the baby out with the bath water, you’ll have no way of knowing what is working and what is not.

Control the amount of variables you are adding to the equation. Pick one thing, let’s say subbing in rep work for your speed work. Just change that one thing. This would not be the time to add in more upper back work or start piling on GPP workouts.

Make the small, trackable change and then pay attention to see if it gives you the desired outcome. Be weary of changing too often as well. Let it cook. You don’t want your training to be a revolving door of quick changes with confusing endings.

There are a million “it depends” sort of answers when it comes to changing your training, but one thing holds true: at the very least, you have to have an ACTUAL reason, not just a feeling of frustration. Check the boxes, study your training history, make small changes, and always pay attention to the outcome.


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