Why Routine?

Why Routine?

Why Routine? by Anthony Oliveira

Do you have a routine?

Is training part of that routine? If it isn’t, it should be. Putting yourself in routine in your daily life is going to set you up for success in many different ways, even beyond lifting weights.

I don’t “have” to train 4 days a week. I just do. The reason for that is because I have been so consistent over the years that it just becomes another part of my day. Much like going to bed, brushing my teeth, or doing the dishes. It’s not an “if” as to whether or not I will be at the gym Friday at 5:30pm. I will be there because that’s just part of my week.

You see, when you have that consistency, you don’t need motivation because it very simply is just something that gets done whether I want to or not.

Remove the variables

When you remove the variables by making your daily routine the same, you are way less likely to stop checking boxes and become demotivated. When I wake up, I drink a large glass of water and immediately go outside to do my lunges. I don’t think about whether I want it or don’t want it, I just do it the same way I just put on my shoes.

You can trick your brain into making training and the things surrounding it (diet, hydration, etc), just another part of your day. Eventually, that routine will make you look like the most disciplined person that others have ever dealt with, when in reality, to you, it’s just another day and another step forward.

You don't need motivation

Get out of the rut of hoping things will come together and hoping to find some motivation. Fuck motivation. You don’t need it. All you need is to make brushing your teeth have the same value in your daily existence as your squats do. Now get to brushing.


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