Getting beat is part of this. | #TWCMENTALMONDAY 4.22.24

Getting beat is part of this. | #TWCMENTALMONDAY 4.22.24

Getting beat is part of this.

Getting your ass kicked is part of the process. Yeah, you might think you're the baddest dude in your local town meet, but then what happens when you go to a big meet?

Chances are you'll get your ass beat by almost everyone there. Maybe even finish in the bottom half of the field. And you'll wonder what happened.


From here, you have two options.

Option 1... You fold because you don't really want it. It's too hard and you don't want to put in the necessary work.

Option 2... You recognize the amount of work it's going to take and you start doing the work to compete with the big dogs.

Bottom line: very few people are successful without taking a couple losses along the way.

Are you going to stay in the small pond or go to the big pond?


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