Bury Me in My Canvas T-shirt

People will say this is a phase. They will tell you to “grow up” or that you’ll eventually need to let all of this go. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For some people, that’s the path for them and that's fine. For others, they will have to wheel us off the platform. We will go until there is not a single pound left to squeeze out of our bodies… and even then, our wills read:


I have an unwavering obsession.

Everything that I have, I have because of this sport. I met my wife through powerlifting. I met nearly all of my dearest friends through powerlifting. It gave me a purpose, a career, and a way to leave my mark on the world. I should be dead, broke, or in jail somewhere. This is borrowed time, and I’m grateful for every single extra second that I have been granted. Bury me in my fucking canvas.