About Anthony Olivera

About Anthony Olivera

Anthony Oliveira is an online powerlifting coach and the owner of Anchor Athletics and Strength in Concord, NH. Anthony’s start in strength training took roots during his time playing high school and college hockey at Becker College and Worcester State University. Following his hockey career, Anthony fell on some hard times, but still continued to pursue his passions, including skateboarding and creating alternative music. Upon gaining control of his life again, Anthony rediscovered his passion for pushing himself in the gym, and found the sport of powerlifting. He competed in his first powerlifting meet in 2014 and started his personal training career shortly after. From there, he jumped head first into the world of strength and found his passion. In 2016, he moved from New Hampshire to Columbus, Ohio to start training at Westside Barbell. As a way to maintain his in-person clients in New Hampshire, he started Trigger Warning Conjugate.

Trigger Warning Conjugate started with 8 clients and has now bloomed into an online educational resource and pillar of the powerlifting community, providing free workouts, knowledge on the Conjugate training method, mental motivation and much more. Anthony now coaches and programs for over 100 individuals looking to make their mark on the powerlifting ranks. Anthony incorporates the learnings of his past coaches, mentors and training partners to form his own distinctive spin on the Conjugate Method.

In 2021, Anthony opened Anchor Athletics and Strength, a strength and conditioning gym specializing in training the top local athletes and powerlifters. Anthony continues his career in powerlifting, competing in the most elite competitions for multi-ply powerlifting, the WPO Championship Series. In 2021, Anthony achieved an all-time world record, squatting 1,036.2 in single-ply at a body weight of 258 pounds. He continues his work with the powerlifting community and beyond, encouraging his followers to forge their unique path in life and envelope themselves in their passion, while shedding the judgment and criticism of others.

“People are going to hate you no matter what, so be yourself and Stay Hated.”
-Anthony Oliveira

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